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The urinary system is responsible for removal of waste product from the body in form of urea. The toxins cause serious health challenges of which some could be fatal. Physical intensity of ping pong helps to increase production of lactic acid and sweating which means there is more production of urine in a bit to remove all the toxins. It makes the urinary system healthy and fit.

The function of the urinary system starts from the brain. The control unit needs to send a signal to the central nervous system to allow the urinary system to create a reflex for the production of urine. If not the state of equilibrium will be interfered with hence leads to the inadequacy of mental functioning. Ping pong helps to enhance the functioning of the brain for this purpose since it uses cognitive skills in gaming.

Ping pong is a workout on its own right. After an intensive gaming, the boy craves for water which helps in removing the lactic acid and further keeps the kidneys free from anybody toxins. If not, the kidneys will have slow removal of the waste product leading to kidney stones and kidney failure.

The intensity of the game is determined by the equipment, it is advisable to get a standard size of the table to prevent straining or body injury due to too much bending- in case the height is lower than normal. Some of the ping pong tables reviewed by the International Table Tennis Association gives the proper measurements.

For you to maintain the require weight and have muscular agility and endurance as a ping pong player. You nee to watch in your diet. A healthy diet with less fat but more carbohydrates to give you the calories for energy in a table tennis game means the kidneys will not be overworked. There will be a state of balance between the input and the output which helps in keeping the urinary system healthy. The moment you limit the intake of fatty foods then, the kidneys will have an easy time in excretion. In addition, the concentration of urine will have the right PH hence maintain proper health of the urinary system.

Playing ping pong helps you to understand your physical body; there are paddles that can help you achieve this. Any slight change in your gaming skills means a sudden change in the body. You will have to visit the hospital to carry out required tests. The kidney will not be spared, that means there will be early detection of any health anomaly which will be addressed immediately before it reaches irreversible levels.

Increase metabolic activity due to the intensity of the game enhances digestion and consequently removal of waste material from the body. There will be increased frequency of the reflex action of releasing your bladder, his leads to removal of urea through the urinary system making the player strong and healthy.

If you want to end your life early, mess with the urinary system. Ping pong enhances mental and physical health which in turn maintains the status quo between what is consumed and what is released.