craft hobby in drill press for urostomy patients

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If you or anyone you know has undergone a surgical procedure like radical cystectomy, which involves the removal of the urinary bladder, it leaves you with a small opening in your abdomen known as a urostomy. Since the urinary bladder is removed, the urostomy makes it possible for the urine to be collected into an external ostomy pouch.

Anyone who now has a urostomy should expect some changes both in their body and their lifestyle, and it will take some time to come to terms and get used to those changes. It can take anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks for the urostomy to heal completely, so even normal activities are prohibited during that period.

What Can You Do After The 2 To 3 Weeks Have Passed?

Once a urostomy has fully healed, people can actually return to their normal activities and hobbies, as long as none of them involve any physical exertion or risk of injury. For instance, they can exercise, go camping and/or hiking, play sports like tennis, swim, etc. Of course, someone with a urostomy would be advised against participating in any combat sports not only due to the risk of injury but also because the ostomy pouch could slip.

However, before patients with a urostomy decide to partake any of those other activities and hobbies, they should consult with their doctor or ostomy nurse. They should also consult them if they are considering lifting weights as a part of their workouts. The doctor or ostomy nurse may even recommend some precautions that can be taken and products that can be used.

One particular thing that people with a urostomy can do is become tools woodworkers and learn how to use a drill press to create interesting DIY woodworking projects. You may also want to invest in the right saw because a toolsy likes this cab saw.

Why Should Someone With A Urostomy Use A Drill Press?

Arguably, compared to a handheld drill, a drill press offers more accuracy due to the spindle and the fact that the bit is held in uniform angle by the drill chuck. This means that drill press holes are more accurate and straight because the bit pierces the wood in a relatively straighter direction rather than being angled. This makes a drill press better than cordless and power drills.

While cordless and power drills have their distinct uses as well, there are a lot of projects that could benefit from the use of a drill press, especially its accuracy. Thus, for someone with a urostomy, using a drill press would not be strenuous in any way, so there are numerous woodworks projects that they could try.

For instance, a drill press can be used in woodworking projects like book stands, cornhole game boards, louvered doors and windows, pot racks, shelves, and countless of others.

The fact of the matter is that just because someone has urostomy does not mean that their normal life is officially over. They can still partake in most of their normal activities, if not all, and over the course of time, they are likely to get used to whatever changes they are experiencing. Also as mentioned, they may even add woodworking to their list of hobbies that they can still indulge in.